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Our Mission


The Jupiter Inlet Foundation is dedicated to: (i)  the conservation of the natural resources along the waterways of the Jupiter Inlet;  (ii) the preservation of the historical and archeological assets that lay throughout this area; and (iii) educating and enlightening  residents and visitors about the wonders of the Inlet’s beautiful natural waterfront, and its rich and diverse history.


The Jupiter Inlet is a focal point of life in Jupiter, Florida, and has been for centuries, dating back to the time Native Americans called the Inlet their home.  Today, the Inlet faces the continued pressure of modern development, which threatens the natural and historic treasures that the inlet holds.  The Jupiter Inlet Foundation is a Florida non-profit corporation formed by a group of concerned residents to help lead the effort to preserve and protect the precious marine life and archeological wonders of this unique and wondrous area.  Won't you join us in our efforts?

Our Story


The Town of Jupiter is located in the northern tip of Palm Beach County, Florida. The Jupiter Inlet area, where the Indian and Loxahatchee Rivers meet and lead out to the Atlantic Ocean, contains one of the most environmentally sensitive and archeologically and historically significant sections of the Town. On the north side of the Inlet stands the Jupiter Lighthouse, which was completed in 1860 and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1973.  The 120 acres surrounding the Lighthouse is under federal protection as the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse Outstanding Natural Area (JILONA). JILONA is one of only three natural areas in the United States to be part of the Bureau of Land Management’s National Conservation Lands program.


On the south side of the Inlet, in an area stretching from the Loxahatchee River to the Jupiter River Oxbow, sits acres of land with equal environmental, archeological and historic significance. These properties, however, remain unprotected and are currently the focus of intense development plans.

Our Area
Our Goals


Protect and enhance the unique historic, natural, cultural, educational, scenic, and recreational values of sensitive parcels in the Jupiter Inlet for the benefit of both present and future generations. This will be accomplished through education and the acquisition of conservation easements and/or land to be placed into land trusts.


Partner with universities and other organizations to preserve archeologically and environmentally sensitive parcels.


Partner with universities, schools, and other organizations to promote and facilitate historical, archeological and environmental management studies and programs. Establish a museum or other educational displays, organize educational seminars, provide hands-on learning experiences for the public and provide a center to consolidate information regarding heritage tours and eco-tourism experiences throughout the area.  



Suni Sands, a 9.8 -Acre Parcel with Waterfront Estuary

Located on the south side of the Loxahatchee River between Clemons Street and Dubois Park is a parcel of land commonly known as Suni Sands. Despite the history and importance of this area, Suni Sands is currently under consideration for development. 

Our Current Focus


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